Grid Focus LLC is a professional services provider to the electric industry. Our mission is to provide top-tier strategic advice; independent technology and business consulting; energy policy support; staff development and training; energy regulatory compliance support; and program management services. Our values include maintaining strong customer relationships that ensure our clients’ needs are fully satisfied. We are known for providing exceptional quality work that is performed on-time at highly competitive rates.

As the name implies, we focus on all areas of the electric grid—transmission, distribution, generation, renewable energy, distributed energy resources (DER), smart grid, enhanced operations, energy policy, regulation, technology investment and business strategy. Our team understands that all components of the system need to work together effectively and that all parts play a critical role in ensuring a reliable energy supply that is cost effective and that supports federal, state and local policy objectives. We help our clients understand and implement best practices to comply with current federal, state and local regulations. We monitor emerging developments and help our clients “see around the corner” to anticipate and strategically plan for future changes.

Grid Focus LLC is a certified Small Business Entity (SBE).